Yours Truly


Hi there, I’m Chirag Dattani.

I’m a Search Marketer and an Analytics Professional with over 8 years of experience in working as a lead role with various companies. With the Internet era booming, my roles have shifted from a Marketing Director to an Online Marketing Specialist with ecommerce, SEO, SEM and Analytical skills. I am extremely passionate about my work and what makes it more exciting and challenging is that I learn something new everyday of my life while working on my projects.

I call myself as a “Googler”, a “Facebooker” and an “Appler” (GFA) since that’s where I spend most of my time during the day trying to do some cool stuff. Here’s how:

Googler: Being a SEO and SEM specialist, ‘Google’ is the place where I live and I am always on the hunt for ethical practices to get better rankings on the Search Engines for the projects that I work on whether it be natural or paid Advertising. I am a true ‘Googler’.

Facebooker: At the same time, Social Media is spreading so fast that it has become an integral part for a company to be successful these days and it helps reaching out to a large audience. What better platform then ‘Facebook’ to get a huge impact and spreading the message across to the target audience and sometimes across the globe. I am a true ‘Facebooker’.

Appler: I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world – one who uses Apple products and are crazy about it and then there are others whom I consider as rest of the world. I am of the first kind and just love my Apple products. Everything that I work on is on my Apple devices including Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone and again that’s where I spend most of time working. I am a true ‘Appler’.

My professional work experience helped me in gaining good leadership skills, and made me a person who is competitive in nature and has desire to achieve success. My innovative approach, ability to work as a team member and most strikingly my ability to think independently have all culminated into a single goal of scaling new heights.

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